A Kid Like Him / SpicyChamploo

A kid like him, yeah thats the title to this

A kid like him it went a little something like this.

A 20 year old felon he’s just kid, man, 

Already feeling like life is out to get him. 

We sat and spoke on the right and wrong things. 

Some uhhs and umms. 

We was doing our thang. 

Its a Societal Oppression in Friendswood 

Thats where he says he from. 

He acknowledged my hoodie. 

Spicy, where you get that. 

I laughed a little

Told him it was some hard work and dedication. 

Shit, We just laughed a little 

He said he felt that,

Not really knowing how to create something like that. 

Spicy its got a nice ring to it. 

I'll remember that. 

Spicy, spicy thats shits kinda 


I hate to cut you off but I gotta run. 

I exited the conversation with a dap and pound.. 

- Kevin Burnett Jr -