Maroon / SpicyChamploo

This is the beginning of something great. One of my dearest friends brought forth the idea of a story, that I could possibly write one. This is the beginning of that story. 

"Maroon, the Essence of Man"


Here the story starts off as the Elder Shaman Dolori Blackwood speaking to the children of Elwyn-1 of its History. 

The world Shelia, we call her Mother left abandoned from the last natural calamity. Mankind was forced to retreat to the outer ring of Shelia, a spaced colony called Elwyn-1 founded by King Rufus Kendrick. Here he built a civilization around Shelia to show the people of Elywn-1 that this life is only temporary. One day when she is ready we will go back. Bless Mother.

The calamity was devastating. It resonated from the bellows taking us, mankind by storm. Terrible tremors rippled through the land busting her open from her seams. The waters raged with a purging purpose washing away all of our creations. We questioned what we did to Mother. She took many of us, we are what is left of our people. Bless those who couldn't make it. "Virescit Vulnere Virtus"

1000 years later...Elywn-1 has prospered. Civilization couldn't be greater. With Mothers presences staring at us out the window as a reminder of that horrid day and King Rufus Kendrick's word still flow through our beating hearts. All Kings after him have kept their promise towards him for a return home. King Nafal Gallagher has begun expeditions back to Mother…