Squad Goals / SpicyChamploo

A Photographer's Perspective

Day 1- Houston Skyline

This was a rather interesting moment. We planned to shoot earlier that day but some craziness went down. Luckily everyone was straight. Later that night though it was on. We rode 59 down to the city. Something about the city man. It just gives off this energy a vibe if i have to say the least. Pulled to a garage the big homie Paris had to come scoop us from the bottom. Anyway we got to the top “OOOOOO" boy it was scenic up there man. The city skyline was perfect. Dapped and pound a few homies. Whipped out the Katana, set the scene, and we got things rolling.

Day 2- Cathedral Courtyard 

Dude we rolled up to this courtyard man the architecture here was beautiful. You know me being all into the art scene I was in heaven. Checking out all the lines and patterns. Today was gonna be rather a exclusive shoot. We was just shooting some extras and transitioning scene.  “SQUAAAADDDD” Were in editing process right now so wait for it. It’ll be here around early January.