To Inspire Me / SpicyChamploo

Collection of friends, family, and those who all are a like. This is how they've inspired me

"Your pieces remind me of kid cudi and a modern day Andy Warhol. Very bright pop art especially with the Banana collection. Speaking of said collection it's very original, and nobody has anything like it. Never seen digital art like yours. As far as clothing, you should really integrate your pieces with your clothes imo. Unless you're going for simple in your clothes, in that case you should do more versions of the small font Spicy tees that's my fav design"


"I'll rate it a ten because you have a style that's fresh. I can tell it's straight from your head and I'm so jealous!!! I'm still trying to find a style that is truly me you are so blessed to have the ability to do that."


"Your concepts and visuals are always creative and fresh. It seems as if you draw from the head which is the hardest thing to do and what we're all striving to do. Criticism (which is subjective of course) would be that most of your work is simple in the sense that there's not much shading just majority line work and 2D."


"It's important to notice those who persevere! It's a rare breed these days and I am blown away by everything you post. You're creativity is off the charts man"

Nathan Hurst